Being environmentally sustainable isn’t easy

Reusing, sharing, refilling, renting, buying local, going zero-waste ... conscious consumption has been hard to practice: Inconvenient, more expensive, unmeasurable, often alienating.

We get it.

That’s why we are building Britehoods. To make sustainable living convenient, cheaper than wasteful alternatives and measurable - for everyone.


What’s your superpower?

Cooking? Baking, brewing, crafting, growing food? Chickens, gardening, art, music?

Now you can turn it into a side-hustle - starting with your neighborhood. When, where, how, what and what not - you'll have complete control over everything. Startup costs: Zero. Existing businesses welcome.


What’s in your garage?

Or in your closet and on your shelves ... things you rarely use. Tools, books, equipment, toys, furniture, clothes, dishes and more ...

In minutes all of what you are willing to lend or rent to your neighbors can be on your Britehoods library using the delightful AI-powered Britehoods mobile apps. Earn money, help your neighbors, make your city more sustainable, and build healthy relationships.


Give your local market a sharp edge

From farmer’s markets, to flea markets, garage sales, pop-up markets and even lemonade stands - Britehoods gives local markets simple yet powerful technologies that increase traffic to the market, saves time and effort, helps manage vendors, and brings the community closer together. All free.

Consumers can browse markets, follow them to stay informed, ask questions, pre-order products for pickup and more.

Farmers market sign
Farmer's market
Farmer's market (Sweden)
Young Boy and Girl Selling Lemonades Outdoors


Got space, time and drive?

To do something about the climate crisis upon us, while earning handsomely?

Start a Refillery on Britehoods from your home or business, and serve your neighborhood products from local Creators and national Brands. All in zero-waste reusable packaging. And zero startup costs.


A cleaner environment is within reach

Britehoods powers networks of reusables - from beverage cups to food containers to grocery items - standardizing the zero-waste future.

Provisioning, tracking codes, analytics, impact measurement and more - the Britehoods platform is a suite of technologies that enables coffee shops, restaurants, break rooms, c-stores, music venues and sports arenas to go zero-waste.


Got something good going?

Good for everyone - especially the Planet? Farms, food, clothing, personal care, toys, home goods, services, and more - Britehoods brings to you a vast marketplace of environmentally conscious Creators, Refilleries and Consumers - helping your brand grow its wholesale and/or retail side.

And with quick integration with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify - you can set it and forget it.

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